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Our Services

What the Freak do we do in here?




From film and animation to installations, projections and concert visuals, our team of videographers, animators, illustrators and editors bring creative concepts to life.

What's the audio frequency of thunder? How loud is a robot's footstep?

What makes a monster sound scary?

We know. Bespoke sound design, mixing, location sound and audio programming to elevate your project to the next level.

Because what we all really want to do is play, no? Great experiences are never passive... We code, design and develop platforms to bring people into your world.

We love talking about creative projects, and each one is unique. Let's chat about yours.




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The Penthouse Swan Wharf 60 Dace Road London, UK E3 2NQ

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E: info@freak.london

T: 0208 533 7331

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